"Through God's Eyes" Support Group is here to educate, inform, promote awareness, and provide a safe place for friends and families affected by substance misuse to come and learn more about coping with this disease and the affect it has on our lives.

 I don't have any letters after my name signifying that I hold a degree in this subject. However, I have been through the "School of Hard Knocks", real-life substance misuse in my (very close) family. I have dealt first-hand with a loved ones substance abuse, and the life-altering damage that goes hand-in-hand. with the disease of addiction.

My families'  story is not one that is unusual today. I think that, besides the devastating heartbreak of finding out that my beloved red-haired daughter was an IV drug user, my feelings of aloneness were almost as overwhelming.

Amber is my daughter's name. As of this writing, she is *10 months* free of mind-altering substances. Each day is a milestone.

It may be noticed that I often refer to myself as "in recovery". Not from a substance, but from the trauma (and drama) that occurs when living with a 

and loving an addict. Our recovery is just as important-arguably more so- than the addicted person in our lives. Regrettably. they may never choose to

recover. We must love ourselves enough to take care of US. Regardless of the choices they make. Addiction itself is a disease.  However, the willingness to get better and move on with our lives is (for all of us) our own personal choice. 

~ June E. Caraway 


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